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During this crisis, I have been reaching out to everyone I know and checking in with them. I am sure you have been too. By now, you may have already gotten a ton of advice and read a ton of articles on resources for things you need to know right now. But maybe you haven't? There is a lot of information out there to digest right now, and I have been taking time to not only process everything going on, but also dedicating time to compile some things that may be helpful. If any of you are in need of help right now, don't hesitate to contact me and I will do what I can to help you or someone you know. 
Read Here: Researchers say Oregon's COVID-19 Peak Date is April 21, 2020
Right now you have probably been binge watching all of your favorite stories and are looking for other shows or things to do while you are spending many more hours indoors. I found some great resources of what is out there that won't cost you anything or very little.
  1. Stretching & Walking. If you practice social distancing, wear a mask, are capable and are prepared you can take a walk in your very own neighborhood. Download an app (if your phone doesn't already have one) and keep track of your daily steps. Now is not the time to get lazy! It's spring and the days are getting sunnier and the flowers are in bloom. Smile and wave at everyone you see as well, we are all dealing with this together!
  2. Take-Out & Delivery. There is still restaurants struggling to stay in business. Where to Find Take-Out and Delivery in Portland  
  3. Here is a huge list of 30 Amazing Virtual Tours, Zoos and Theme Parks you can see from home
  4. Passing the Time at Home - Read, stream movies, listen to live music (or make it), online classes, and so much more
  5. Free Entertainment to Help You Survive - games, exercise classes, magazines, audio books, music 
  6. Kahoot! is offering free premium access to distance learning tools 
  7. Subscription Companies Offering Free Services - communication tools and free educational subscriptions to entertainment and sports
Right now,I have been continuing to educate myself on the current real estate market by having discussions with other industry professionals out there. Below is s snapshot of how the current market is doing in Portland. Data suggests that the Portland market has just only slightly slowed down. If you are a home owner concerned about your property value going dramatically down, just remember: This Is Not 2008. In fact, you may have a lot of equity in your home that you could see about tapping into until your more on your feet - contact me and let's talk about your options with a mortgage broker.

This could still be a great time to buy or sell a home, we can safely start your journey, and I have tools to help during this time in the real estate world. From agreements showing a home owner that we would be taking precautions when entering the property, to secure online systems for signing contracts and other important documents. It's my goal to make sure that EVERYONE is safe during a transaction.
MARKET STATISTICS - SOLD DATE 03/24/2020 TO 04/07/2020
Search Criteria: Property Category = RESIDENTIAL   County = Multnomah   Status = SLD   Sold Date = 03/27/2020...04/07/2020   City = Portland   Property Type = CONDO, DETACHD

Contact me for a full and/or customized report for your area.
MARKET STATISTICS - LISTED DATE 03/01/2020 TO 04/07/2020
Search Criteria: Property Category = RESIDENTIAL   County = Multnomah   Status = SLD   Sold Date = 03/27/2020...04/07/2020   City = Portland   Property Type = CONDO, DETACHD

Contact me for a full and/or customized report for your area.
One tool that is very helpful is the Altos Report that I have access to. This shows a snapshot at any time for any of these areas and zip codes. Contact Me for a report in your area.

Would you like to know what your home could sell for right now? I am happy to look at market data and current trends to come up with a Comparative Market Analysis that is customized for your home.
The real estate community is a huge network of professionals like myself who are a valuable resource to what is going on with the market, our clients, the laws, and current memorandums going on at this minute. If you have any concerns about what is happening in the real estate world please don't hesitate to contact me! Things are changing quickly and I have resources I can tap into to help you or someone you know.
Do you have a recipe you have made while you have been at home recently that you would like to share with others? Email Me the recipe and I would be happy to feature it right here in next month's newsletter!
Who wouldn't enjoy seeing more of these colorful, hypnotic, tiny birds humming around their backyard garden? We have some simple ideas to show you how to create your own hummingbird haven and get these fascinating creatures attracted to your yard.

Food Source
When plotting your hummingbird habitat, an essential factor will be to create and maintain their food source. After all, these little bundles of energy eat all day, flitting to 1,000 to 2,000 flowers a day. Why not make their efforts worthwhile by providing proper fuel?

Which Flowers Work Best?
Visit your local nursery and learn which blooms will flourish best in your region before you start planting. You will want to choose a variety of flowers that will provide the hummingbird with a continuous food source from early spring through late summer. Also, use as many different color blossoms as possible. Hummingbirds are particularly attracted to the color red but will drink from any color bloom.

Hummingbird Favorites
The following is a list of proven favorites of the hummingbird. Plant at different heights if possible, with taller plants in the back. Use both perennials and annuals. Perennials will offer a food source that will last for years. Use annuals to create dramatic bursts of color that will attract the birds to your garden.

TheSpruce.com suggests trying a combination of the following flower species:
Bee Balm, Bleeding Hearts, Calico Bush, Cardinal Flower, Carpet Bugle, Columbia Lily, Columbine, Coneflowers, Coral Bells, Desert Trumpet , Fuchsia, Impatiens, Larkspur, Petunias, Scarlet Creeper, Trumpet Honeysuckle, Trumpet Vine, Zinnias   Flower species native to your area are ideal, as they will provide a food source more familiar to the hummingbird. The long, tapered shape of the blooms can accommodate the little birds' long bills and provide plenty of nectar.
Tending to the Blooms:
  • Be sure to remove dead or dying flowers from the vines. Hummingbirds will avoid these plants, knowing there is little or no nectar available within.
  • Avoid using anything other than natural pesticides or insecticides for insect control. Aside from being harmful to the hummingbirds, it also depletes insects, which serve as a food source for hummingbirds.
  • Consider a water dripper for your garden or a mister. Having a water supply near will keep hummingbirds close and may encourage them to nest.
Creating your own hummingbird haven may take some experimentation. In the end, these little dynamos with an abundant appetite will charm their way into your garden and your life!
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